Change is inevitable.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not, but rest assured it will happen eventually.


The Council of Intrepid Adventurers sprang from drama in the small gaming community in Klamath Falls, OR.  When the existing game club pushed to censor people for their work, there was resistance and the CIA was born of and eventurally absorbed the existing club structure there. 


Over the next five years we looked to expand membership, not just joining the page on Facebook, real vested and interested members

following the old fashioned club formula of events, working with vendors for getting discounts and generally growing the brand.  We had subscription boxes going pretty strong and things we growing at a slow and steady pace.


Then COVID hit.  No events, game stores and venues shut the doors, no business was occuring in person which is where we drew our strength.   Everything went online and pretty much destroyed the format that we had for the club.  Yes, we tried to build up membership virtually.  Got members together so we could make affiliate on Twitch and it was okay.  Not great or even good...just okay.  


In order to survive in an online market you need content.  Dynamic content for the website, Twitch pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all the other platforms that you are expected to update and follow.  This involves much more work than one person can do on their own, especially when they have a full time job, projects they need to be working on and other responsibilities.  Help was asked for and was given, just not at the levels that were going to be required to make it a viable model.


So you step back.  You ask yourself if this would be an organization that you would like to be a part of if you were a member and not running it.  The answer I gave myself was a quick, resounding "NO!".


So I made the decision to cut it off and rethink both the club and my role in the gaming community moving forward.  It took a couple of days.  I had several factors to consider.  


Friends - most of the participation (and lack thereof) was from friends.  People who I like and trust were being weighed on by my requests for help.  While there was plenty of lip service, there was little or no follow through and it frustrated me to no end.  That frustration would have forced me to cease friendships and it weighed heavy on me.


Followers - With all the followers on social media we have about 600 people give or take.  Why not use the CIA as a platform in the gaming community for these creative people to share ideas for their projects or if they need help get it.


So I made the decision to do away with the club.  The initial reaction, for the most part, was indifference.  Yeah, people noticed, but NO ONE came to me and asked what was going on.  That told me right there that I made the right decisiion.  They really weren't vested and the club failed before I even knew it.


So now we are working on being a resource pool and small publishing company.  My projects of Okkulten and Bitchslap will be published under the Council of Intrepid Adventurers logo and we will see how it goes from here.


Change is inevitable.