Every gamer dreams of it.  Every kid does it.  Most who try never complete it.


Game Development


Sounds fun doesn't it?  Everyone who talks about it has an awesome latest thing that's gonna change the game market.  Their idea is completely original, and is far better than anything on the market.  I've heard it hundreds of times, seen countless people try (including myself) and fail.  Why is it?  Why do we fail at so simple a task as getting a game to market?  Once there, why do they not perform?


I have been working on two games,  one is a simple card flopper, the other is a TTRPG.  In the beginning the card flopper seemed easy, just type some rules, knock out some quick pics and BANG! instant millionaire.  My rules were clean, simple and solid.  I was ready and gonna revolutionize the card game market.  Then the boulders began to fall.  Artwork for 100 cards, character art, woke and cancel culture struck and it completely deflated me.  It cost me friendships (at least I thought they were) and cost me time to regather resources causing me to lose focus.  Who knew a game about fighting robots would get trashed because it was named "Bitchslap"?

Oxford dictionary defines "Bitchslap" as follows:


bitch-slap - Verb


deliver a stinging blow to (someone), typically in order to humiliate them.

"I would have bitch-slapped him for talking that way"


Despite the definition, the term was blasted by Facebook as sexist.  Same with those so-called friends who, by the way, played the game and enjoyed it.  The page was banned, and independant gaming associations denied me entry because of the name.  However, I am a stubborn cuss.  I persisted until Facebook relented, the name was just to appropriate for the game.  I told those who tried to cancel mob the game to piss off and though it has taken me almost 5 years we are now moving forward with new art, cleaned up rules and are looking to have the game published by years end.


Now let's talk about Nazi's.  How do you write a game about WWII in the European theater and not include Nazis, art and insiginias thatrepresent the period.  Again cancel culture and Facebook banned the project, criticized it and forced it underground.  To this day I still get reported and have to defend the fact that the Reich are the bad guys, the game is about the conflict and the objective is to thwart their plans.  Facebook even tried to ban the game over a picture of a UFO with an iron cross (not the swastika) on it! 


Yes really!!


I did manage to overcome the objection and get the page back up, but again it lets the wind out of the creative sails when it is a constant struggle against the current socio-political culture to remember our history, no matter how terrible certain aspects are.


So we continue.  Going on 7 years of development, bans, hate and ignorance from the public aren't going to stop me at this point.  How can it?  I now need to prove that this is going to happen.


So there.  That has been my experience in development so far, not for the feint of heart or will.  I can completely understand why so many good ideas die on the vine. 


Who would be dumb enough to put themselves out there for all the pain and ridicule for their art?


<<raises hand...>>


Redneck Game Gawd