What is the Council up To?

Have you ever wondered what streamers do in their off time? Perhaps they look to prefect their crafty, or they look at games they want to stream. Those are great ideas but not always what happens.  As a veteran something that is always close to my heart is hope can I give back to those that served. I was like well, you like video games and you want to support a cause. Which cause should I support?  There are a large number of them out there. Wounded Warriors, The Chance Phelps Foundation (whom I went to school with). Then there was a foundation that I know played a large role in helping another person I went to school with. This organization is called: Save a Warrior. This organization helps those veterans that are struggling and supports them thought team building and support after the program.  Often Veterans come back from war and feel disconnected from mainstream society and I thought this would be an awesome way to challenge those of us streaming to give back to a great organization.


I was struggling to get viewers to my channel and thought he want if I donated 5 dollars for every person that followed me. Then I just happened to be talking to Sugoi one night and was asking his opinion. Well, if you know Sugoi you know he goes all in on things. “I would do that too!!!”   Then as we talked about it we decided that just doing the 5 dollars wasn’t going to be enough what if we donated 15 for every follower that followed both of us. This would be fine what is it going to cost me just like 20? Next thing we know we mention this on one stream and that stream alone cost each of us over 60 bucks! While I was scared, I was also humbled by the fact that people would come out to support some small streamers in order to help others.


After the initial push we have been able to get others from the council involved and when all was said and done, we were able to raise over 600.00 for this one foundation in a two-week period. Kilted Kobold, Redneck Game Gawd, Sugoi and I have begun to make those payments. The Council is by no means done helping other organizations. As we grow and we will continue to do fundraisers and support those causes that we think should be spotlighted. Please take some time and check us out and if so inclined drop us a follow and see who we are helping out. Thanks for reading this and taking the time to support us. If you want to check out the links below to a couple Veteran agencies to support!

Gyrai G.